Thursday, March 3, 2011

{Olivia's sweet 1st Birthday!} - it was a real Hoot!

Thank you! Thank you!  Thank you! is what I have to say to everyone that helped make {Olivia's 1st Birthday} a success!  Can I just say that everything you read and everyone you talk to will try and convince you to keep it small but I fully recommend having ALL of your loved ones around you to celebrate this special time! 

The photos turned out just smashing thanks to one of my besties - Melanie - love ya girl and thank you for celebrating with us and documenting this special day!

Sit back & enjoy seeing the memories we created!

{the Birthday girl!}

{Olivia's 1} banner - designed by So Lovely Events on Etsy!

{Pom Pom's} are a must for any girly party!

{pink lemonade} - but of course!

fun {paper straws} from the Sugar Diva!
{Lovely Party Circles} to write your name on so our guests could keep track of their drink! - So Lovely Events

{Lovely Food Labels!} - So Lovely Events on Etsy

these cones were so much fun filled with yummy treats for our guests!
Thanks so much mom for getting those done!  Super cute!!!

{Lovely Cones} filled with
Cinnamon-Sugar pretzal balls {to resemble polka-dots of course!}
Parmasean-Ranch Mix

{personalized mini cupcake toppers!} designed by So Lovely Events on Etsy

{sweet treat cupcakes} from TLC Cupcakes!
white chocolate rasberry
chocolate with nothing less than hot pink frosting!
cookies & cream {they even had a mini Oreo!}

this is one of my original ideas that I was so excited to build our party around!
{monogrammed table runner}
Michelle at Charmingly Petite was so sweet to monogram Olivia's initials on the table runner for our party!
Olivia Kay Belle

{Lovely Food Labels} - So Lovely Events on Etsy
{Sweet Treats!} - TLC Cupcakes

{personalized confetti!}
I was sooooo excited about this - I wanted something new & fun and this was just the thing!
designed by So Lovely Events on Etsy

{Happy Birthday} banner from So Lovely Events on Etsy
isn't this adorable?  I thought it turned out just too perfect for our party!!!
It really dressed up the dining room

{the Birthday Girls cupcake!}
strawberry cake with whip cream on top!
Livi LOVES whip cream!  Everytime I get my chai with whip cream {I will tell you more in later posts!} she makes this goofy little noise until I scoop some up on my finger & give it to her!  We thought this would make for a nice topping!

she does everything so delicatly!  Too sweet!
For our favors we decided to do Sixlets candies.
have you ever had sixlets?  they have been one of my absolute favorites for a long time!
Needless to say they looked like polka dots & tasted "O So Good"
they were the perfect gift!

"Thanks for making my party a Hoot" was on the favor tags by So Lovely Events along with our sweet little owl that was carried throughout the party!
LOVE these!

these little bloomers came with her party dress so I had Michelle at Charmingly Petite
add "I'm 1" to the back using our theme material!

One cool chick!

isn't she sweet?!  I LOVE these flowers from Baby K Designs
{I'm actually wearing one right now too!}

A few little extras I had Charmingly Petite do for me as well!
{Personalized hand towels for the guest bath with our party material!}


  1. It turned out so cute and it looks like you poured your heart into the details. Thanks for sending me the link.

  2. Very cute! I love owls- ask my blog!

  3. You put a lot of work into that party. Well done - looks fabulous!

  4. Thanks so much ladies! It was a ton of fun!


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