Thursday, July 21, 2011

{I feel so BLESSED!}

My Nana that passed away this past February is the reason that I do what I do with So Lovely!  She is my inspiration & the one whom taught me how to be a lady & how to set a proper table.  That isn't even an inkling of what she instilled in me but I will share more as we continue down this journey together...

Nana always subscribed to Tea Time magazine & any other ultra frilly, foo foo magazine she could find - needless to say, those are all right up my alley as well.  She would get her Tea Time in the mail & as soon as she was done devouring it - it would be my turn!!!

As I have been thinking about what path I would like my dream to go down I was thinking about people I can share So Lovely with!  Needless to say I want to share it with everyone & in turn be the go-to gal for all things Tea Party!  In, steps Tea Time.  If you haven't checked this magazine out you should go get one today!  It is beautiful & classic - exactly what I want So Lovely to reflect, exactly what Nana was in her lifetime!

Long story short...{not really} I sent a story idea to Tea Time & they contacted me back about visiting with the Asst. Editor!  Yes, I am dancing around giggling like I am 13 again...

This is a dream and a blessing!  We will see what comes of it but either way I am honored!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

{It's Love!}

I fell in love with Baby K Designs on Etsy as I was planning for Olivia's arrival.

We had the outfit to bring her home in & it was yellow, {as you know I am a girly girl who LOVES pink} but I  was determined to make this little girl look like a little girl in yellow by finding her a beautiful flower for her tiny little head :) 

Well, the outfit was HUGE but the flower worked perfectly for this sweet little photo & now it works just lovely on my head!!!  I LOVE her work & I think you will too!

Did I mention she was having a sale?!!!!!!

Visit Baby K here on Etsy

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

{Tea Tuesday!}

I'm soooo excited to present the very 1st {Tea Tuesday}!!! 

I want to share with you fun facts, traditions, yummy finds & my all-time favorites!!!  Enjoy...

A few of the beauties I absolutely LOVE to serve at So Lovely are by Tea Posy!
Heart of Love Blooming Tea     heart of love
Falling Water Blooming Tea

falling water {isn't this spectacular?!}

Butterfly Blooming Tea


My Nana introduced tea posy to me one Christmas & I instantly fell in love...  As the tea steeps the flower blooms & lasts until your last cup...  My most requested by far!

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